The Journey of “Touring with Us”: A Brief Company History

Established 2023: The birth of Touring with Us wasn’t just the launch of another travel agency; it was the culmination of a vision to reshape the travel experience. Rooted in the vibrant heart of Florida, our company embarked on a journey to spotlight the state’s mesmerizing destinations, especially its world-famous theme parks.

Our Founding Pillars: The founders, with their profound values and commitment to genuine relationships, were determined to create a family-oriented vibe, rather than just another corporate entity. This familial ethos became the bedrock upon which all company decisions and partnerships were based. 

Where it Started: The origin of Touring with Us can be traced back to a transformative two-month-long journey to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque town, the founders found themselves residing in a stunning compound, an oasis crafted with love by its hosting family. Each room was adorned with exquisite art, hand-painted by the family patriarch, echoing tales of heritage and passion. But it wasn’t just the physical beauty that captivated them; it was the vibrant pulse of life on their balcony, brimming with rich interactions and cultural exchanges. The unparalleled respect and warmth shown by the locals, the tantalizing array of new dishes savored daily, the breathtaking beauty of cascading waterfalls, and the deep friendships forged left an indelible mark. This immersive experience, steeped in Balinese culture and hospitality, sowed the seeds for what would eventually blossom into Touring with Us. The founders returned, not just with memories, but with a vision to replicate that profound connection to place and people in every travel experience they would curate.

Evolving with Trends: Recognizing the rapid pace of change within the travel industry, Touring with Us prioritized staying ahead of the curve. This meant embracing the latest industry trends, integrating innovative digital tools, and offering regular training to the team, ensuring that our clients always received top-notch service.

Expanding Our Horizons: While our initial focus was Florida’s allure, our ambitions were global. The company quickly expanded its offerings to include worldwide destinations, ensuring that every client’s unique travel dream could be realized.Our Team’s Role: From the outset, we believed that our strength lay in our people. Every travel agent, including our latest additions, was seen as a pivotal part of our family tapestry. Through collective efforts, agents were empowered to be their own bosses, setting their paces and shaping their individual journeys, all while enjoying the extensive support and resources of Touring with Us.

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